You can save JPY1,000 on entrance by Pre-registraition.
(The organizer cannot provide overseas visitors with an invitation letter for visa.)

Please fill out the form and press the button.
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Q9 Your type of business *  Powder equipment / appliance manufacturer
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 02 Pharmaceutics, Health Food, Cosmetics
 03 Foodstuff, Feedstuff
 04 Inorganic materials, Ceramics
 05 Steel, Metals, Mining, Cement
 06 Machinery, Electric, Batteries, Electronics
 07 Engineering, Construction
 08 Environment, Energy, Recycle
 09 Finance, Insurance, Trading
 10 Government, Academic and Reseach Insitutes, Other
Q11 Your job function *  11 Engineering, Manufacturing
 12 Research & Development
 13 Desigh
 14 Sales
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 16 Planning, Survey
 17 Other
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 22 General manager
 23 Manager
 24 Assistant manager
 25 Employee
 26 Other

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